Relive Juneau's mining heritage on a unique tour of what was once the world's largest gold producing mill. Hear the story of this great mine that was once the heartbeat of Juneau.

Following a brief ride along the beautiful Gastineau Channel, your driver will set the stage for your underground adventure.

Donning hard hats, the tour proceeds along a boardwalk into a 360 foot-long tunnel. An experienced miner will demonstrate hard rock mining techniques and acquaint you with the mining lifestyle.

Back at the mill our guide will explain why this mill was unique compared to others in the area. You will see the John Peterson 3 Stamp Mill in operation and you will try your own hand at panning for gold and garnets. Pay dirt is guaranteed and you keep what you find!

Wander through our displays and see the first steam engine brought to Alaska. Enjoy complimentary hot beverages and bring back that special something from our gift shop.

Tour Information

  • Featured on "Ocean Trek" with Jeff Corwin, Dragon Fly, Jack Hanna, and many local productions.
  • Our tour is family owned and operated. Our goal is to share our personal passion for mining
    and Juneau’s mining history.
  • The tour is approximately 2 hours. Dress warmly for the underground part of the tour.
  • The AJ Mine/Gastineau Mill tour is Alaska's only authentic underground mine tour. An experienced underground miner is your guide.
  • This tour provides an affordable and enjoyable experience for all ages.
  • Outdoor presentations are made in heated, covered areas.
  • See the first steam engine brought to Alaska, along with displays of other mining equipment.
  • See the only operating stamp mill in Alaska.
  • A coverered area is set aside for visitors to experience the excitement of panning for gold and garnets.
  • Handicap accessible

Your first stop is the conveyer tunnel. You will meet our experienced miner and proceed into the 360 foot long tunnel on the boardwalk.

Miner Jerry demonstrating the 12B overshot mucker, one of the pieces of equipment demonstrated underground.

Covered/heated presentation area. Our guide will give the brief history of the AJ Mine and the milling process used in the Gastineau Mill, making it the largest producer of gold in its time.

John Peterson 3 Stamp Mill. The only operating stamp mill in Alaska.

Display of pictures and artifacts depicting the different kinds of mining in the State of Alaska.

You will learn to pan for gold and garnets,
taking home your findings in a souvenir vial.

Wander among the artifacts and authentic mine equipment displayed at the mill site.

Be sure to visit the gift shop/museum for
complimentary hot beverages and shop for gifts
and souvenirs.


Ground was broken on the millsite on October 31, 1913. The land had been cleared previously and tramways erected for handling construction supplies. The first of four sections of the mill was completed February 12, 1915, commencing operations. By Ovember 1915, all four sections of the mill were in operation and treating 6000 tons of ore daily. The entire mining industry watched the Gastineau in amazement. The value of the stock rose from $10/share when initially issued in 1912, to $24/share while in the construction state in 1914, to $40.75/share in 1915.

The mill continued to set records until World War I depleted the company of its manpower. Post war inflation and gold prices set at $20.67 per ounce forced the mind to close in 1921. The facilities were scrapped and salvaged. What you see today is all that is left of the great Alaska Gastineau mine that recovered 500,00 ounces of gold from 12 million tons of ore.

Jerry has been a miner for over 40 year at sites throughout the world. Beverely is retired from teaching in Alaska and Illinois. Their daughter Ursula is married to a miner and has three children.

Give us a call! We'd love to answer your questions and share our passion for the AJ Mine and Gastineau Mill.


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